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Hearing Aid

A hearing aid is an electroacoustic device that is used by the wearer to amplify sounds in order to improve the hearing perception and thereby aim to make speech more comprehensible. The Audiologist measures the degree of impairment through audiometry and programs the hearing aid to suit the wearers hearing impairment.

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Hearing Implant

The hearing implant is a revolutionary technology that can help persons with severe hearing impairment to hear naturally like everyone else. Hearing is one of the crucial human senses that are often neglected. The hearing implant not only regains the natural hearing senses but also helps the wearer to effectively communicate with people in social situations.

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Hearing Accessories

Using a hearing aid is essential; it makes listening and comprehending sound enjoyable. However at given times a hearing aid has its limitations, especially in noisy environments, when your on a phone call or when your watching TV, which can be frustrating. Hearing accessories will help the user to comprehend sound clearly in noisy environments by providing useful add-ons that can be purchased to enhance the quality of hearing.

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Types of Hearing Accessories

Diagnostic equipment

Diagnostic medical equipment and supplies help clinicians and patients themselves to measure and observe various aspects of their health so that they can form a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, the clinician can then prescribe an appropriate treatment plan. Medcon's Diagnostic Equipment range include a wide range of Blood Glucose Monitors with varied level of features, Cholesterol Analysers and HbA1c Analysers.

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Other Products

The idea behind food supplements, also called dietary or nutritional supplements, is to deliver nutrients that may not be consumed in sufficient quantities. Food supplements can be vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and other substances delivered in the form of pills, tablets, capsules, liquid, etc. Supplements are available in a range of doses, and in different combinations. However, only a certain amount of each nutrient is needed for our bodies to function, and higher amounts are not necessarily better.

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Types of Other Products

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  • We were just shocked to hear that we have to collect so much money for the surgery.  But the kind words of the staff at Medcon gave some hope to move forward and start collecting the funds for my son’s future. We collected 820,000 LKR and Medcon found us a donor for the rest of the money. And we were able to do the surgery at Lanka Hospital By Dr Devanand Jah.    

    We are very much thankful to Medcon Staff for their dedication & support, Dr D Jah, and our donor.  

    H.M. Premadasa (Father Of Dulakshana Chamod ), Mahiyangana
    Cochlear Implant User
  • The day she called me “amma” is the happiest moment in all my Life. Since we were taking her for the therapy regularly, she can now speak well. Everyday she learns and speaks new words. We are overwhelmed about her performance. 

    We are thankfull to all the staff and Management of Medcon Colombo And Kandy Branch, Dr Devanand Jah And the Donors who continously helped us with Fund. It is really a dream come true. 

    Senudi Nehansa, Anuradhapura
    Cochlear Implant User

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