Hearing Accessories

 Hearing accessories

Using a hearing aid is essential; it makes listening and comprehending sound enjoyable. However at given times a hearing aid has its limitations, especially in noisy environments, when your on a phone call or when your watching TV, which can be frustrating. Hearing accessories will help the user to comprehend sound clearly in noisy environments by providing useful add-ons that can be purchased to enhance the quality of hearing.

At Medcon we manage 3 brands of hearing aids from Phonak (Switzerland), Bernafon (Switzerland), and Hansaton (Germany). All the brands provide their users with different type of accessory technology that can help the user to assist hearing in difficult situations.  The hearing accessories improve people’s lifestyle by developing devices that are easy to use and deliver quality results.

 To view hearing accessories provided by various brands, click on the following brands.

  1.  Phonak Hearing Accessories
  2.  Bernafon Hearing Accessories
  3.  Hansaton Hearing Accessories


Protecting your hearing aid /Implant

Purchasing a hearing aid is a lifetime investment, protecting your hearing aids are too.  If you are concerned about loss of your hearing device by sweat, moisture, dirt, loss or wind noise at Medcon we have a solution.

 Ear Gear is a Canadian company that provides the hearing aid users with various hearing device armors that are best in quality, in expensive and comfortable to use.

 View the range of hearing protection armor available at Medcon here.


Why your hearing aid should be from us?

 Product Variety

At Medcon, we handle 3 International Hearing Aid Brands, Phonak (Switzerland), Bernafon (Switzerland) and Hansaton (Germany). All three companies are world’s leading manufacturers in terms of R&D and quality. The three companies provide a large range of hearing aids and accessories that will cater to almost any hearing impairment condition. Medcon Provides the users of these brands access to all compatible hearing aid accessories such as wireless communication product portfolio, phone adapters, TV adapters, remote controllers etc. Medcon can provide products that meet your needs and expectations.

International Warranty

Medcon’s provides one to two years international warranty depending on the product. Whether your hearing aid accessory is from us or from any other country, Medcon will be able to provide its services in terms of re-programming or repair services as long the products are from our affiliated agencies.

 Service Standards

Medcon provides a variety of services to its clientele including fully-fledged audiological and medical services with comprehensive warranties and repair labs at the head office. Medcon has functioned successfully for over 10 years in the health care business because of its strong loyal customer base, fostered through our excellent service standards.


Medcon has branches in Nugegoda (Colombo), Kandy (Central Province), Matara (Southern Province) and Jaffna (Northern Province) and many other distributors ranging from opticians to medical clinics around the island. Contact us to find out on how to reach our products and services effortlessly.

Satisfied customers

Our mission at Medcon, is to provide our clients the best products and services. Since 2005 we have tremendously improved our services and currently reaching out to excellence in service standards. Medcon has sold over 8000 hearing aids and provides services to over 7,000 hearing aid users in Sri Lanka; hence we are a trusted brand in the market.