Hearing Implant Processors


Wireless Charging
RONDO 2’s innovative wireless charging makes it easy to power up your processor overnight—just like your phone. But unlike your phone there are no cables: simply place RONDO 2 on the charge pad and it will charge automatically. You’ll never have to change a battery ever again.
Go All Day
Providing up to 18 hours of battery life, RONDO 2 gives you all-day hearing. And it charges fully in just 4 hours, perfect for overnight. With no batteries to change and uninterrupted hearing from morning till night, you can forget about your cochlear implant and get on with your day.


SONNET 2 - Smart Sound Technology
Easy Listening
SONNET 2 is designed to give you your best hearing possible, wherever you are. Whether in a noisy restaurant, at a music concert, or simply taking a walk on a windy day, SONNET 2 lets you hear your best in any environment.
Adaptive Intelligence
SONNET 2 recognises what kind of environment you’re in, and automatically adjusts settings to match. Best of all, you won’t even realise it’s happening.
Noise Reduction
From background noise in a café, to an unexpected dog bark, SONNET 2 minimises unnecessary noise, so you can have the confidence to chat in any environment.
Hear the details with FineHearing sound coding technology. FineHearing lets you hear the world as it was meant to sound—from your favourite song to the voice of a loved one.


A Processor for Everyday
OPUS 2 combines great sound quality with sleek style and an adaptable design. Discover how OPUS 2 fits into your day-to-day life.
Superior sound quality
Compact size
Wireless connectivity
Multiple wearing options