Mini BTE (or "on-the-ear")

Moxi All

Connects directly to all mobile phones* – not just iPhones®.

Moxi All R

Rechargeable freedom plus direct connectivity to all mobile phones

Danavox EOS

With Danavox Eos, you can feel relaxed and comfortable on the phone. The Danavox App Tuner is a small and light hands-free for cell phones that's easy to use: Press a button to answer, and clear speech goes direct from the phone into your ears. A microphone on the PhoneVox picks up your own voice, so you don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket or bag.


  • 7 Channel  and 7 Band
  • Battery Type- 312
  • Category – Mild-Profound
  • 3 Programs (1 Automatic & 2 Flexible)
  • Spectral SNR,
  • SDA Plus Feedback Guard,
  • Confort Fit,
  • Omni/Fixed Directionality
  • Datalogging,
  • In-Situ Audiometry,
  • Easy-On,
  • Nano-coating,
  • Magnet Pro,
  • DAI