Press Release

Press Release On the Worlds Thinnest Cochlear Implant in SriLanka


The World thinnest Cochlear implant (Concerto by MED-EL) was introduced to Sri Lanka for the first time on the 13th of March 2014. The surgery was performed by Dr.S.B.Etulgama at Srimavo Bandaranayake Specialised Children Hospital, Peradeniya. 
On the day, a press release was held on the new implant technology, the ease and reduced complications in performing the surgery. The new MED-EL concerto Implant embeds in the skull and requires only a small area compared to its predecessors the Sonata Opus and Pulsar models. The new implant has a greater speed in transferring pulses to the brain and regains natural hearing at its best. The team of surgeons, audiologists, and anaesthetist were present at the press conference that was held right after the surgery. They expressed their views on the new implant and on how the surgery was performed.
Many thanks from Medcon Hearing Care Center - MHCC to the Doctor and his team, and also the Media and Journalist who covered the event.