The Company


"At Medcon we endeavor to be the best in what we do whilst we inspire, empower, and uplift the lives of those who are a part of us"


Our mission at Medcon is to provide the best service and health care to our customers by integrating the element of humanity and care into our business practices. We strive to achieve the best standards, highest quality and satisfaction among all our stakeholders and believe that we as a team can create a better future for the nation.

As a health care company, we seek to foster learning and growth through our success, creativity and practices. We look to create a business environment where all our internal stakeholders put aside the differences in culture, race, educational achievements, and social status and respect all people equally.

Our mission reflects:

  • Equality and respect towards other individuals

  • Highest standards and quality in products & services

  • Honesty and integrity in delivering service

  • Professionalism

  • The requisite for growth and success as a health care company in Sri Lanka

About us

Medcon was founded in the year of 2005, the period of peace talks during the Sri Lankan Civil War. In 2002 December, the government and rebels agreed to share power, enjoying autonomy, traveling and business access in the mainly Tamil-speaking north and east of Sri Lanka. The period of time when extensive health care services were required in war affected areas. Mr.C.S.Sivakumar, General Manager of Abans health care and a member of Lions Club 306B1 Inner Colombo at the period was extensively involved in medical projects in the North and East. He acknowledged the requirement for affordable healthcare which motivated him to set roots into the health care industry by starting his own company Medcon which was set off as a sole proprietorship and then in 2006 was incorporated as a private limited company.

Medcon Private limited is a Health/Medical Equipment/Pharmaceutical company. The Main Head office is located in Colombo and branches operate in Kandy and Jaffna, apart from the branches there are island wide distributors ranging from Private Medical institutions, Hospitals, Clinics to Optical stores that purchase products from Medcon. The company has now extended its services to Maldives and operates business in the capital, Male. Medcon currently employs approximately 40 to 50 employees and is a Small and Medium business enterprise primarily targeting the hearing care market and other medical areas such as diagnostics and medical equipment.

The company commemorates the growth and success through its satisfied hearing care customer base that currently includes more than 8000 Hearing aid customers and over 115 Cochlear implant clients Island-wide of which most of the customer’s are supporters and advocates who provide tremendous support to the organization. Well-recognised hospitals such as the Lanka Hospital, Neville Fernando Hospital, SirimavoBandaranayake paediatric hospital, Lady Ridge way Hospital are purchasers of a variety of ENT equipment supplied by Medcon over the years. Apart from hospitals other customers include medical institutions such as Oral-Aural Speech and Hearing care centre, Ratmalana Audiology centre, Listen Care Audiology centre, Uni-Health Matara etc.

Medcon is a recognised supplier in the government tenders for medical equipment and the hearing care market. Medcon has won many tenders in various provincial districts and provides comprehensive services to the purchasers since 2009.