Funding Support

A Message to Generous Donors

Medcon would sincerely like to thank you for your consideration and contribution in donating funds to the people in need of continous financial support. Below you will find the profiles of our clients and thier story who are very much in need of these funds to continue thier treatments and therapies thus improve thier quality of life. 

The cost of hearing aids and therapy is quite affordable. However, to continously invest on the maintainence of the device or treatment can be expensive to our clients. With your help we will provide the clients with the opportunity to purchase or redeem the donations for thier hearing needs. Your donations can be made directly to us for a specific client of your interest or in general to assist any of our clients, you can even get it touch with our clients, through us, to learn about them and share thier experiences thereby be reassured that your generous donation is put in to good use. 

Once again thank you very much for your time and consideration. Every Rupee matters! therefore please do not hesittate to donate any amount you can. Before making your donations, kindly give us a call on 0094 112 813 779 (Ms. Thanusha) or email to (Subject: Donation) for us to verify your contributions made to our clients.


A message to Reciepents 

As a company that has run for over 10 years, we understand the expenses and commitments that you hold to bring yourself or your loved ones the well deserved quality of life. We at Medcon have taken a step further from our end to support you financilaly through our funding facility via our website. If you are a person in need of a hearing aid, hearing implant or hearing and speech rehabilitation, please get in touch with us to enroll yourself for funding support. We will need a recent photograph of you, your story and your contact details to add to our website.

For further queries, you can reach us through phone on 0094 112 813 779 (Ms. Thanusha) or email us on (Subject: Funds needed) and we will help support you the best we can to meet your financial needs. 

Donation Details

Please make your donation to the below beneficiary in favour of Medcon Private Limited. Please contact us prior to donation on 0094 112 81 3779 or via Email -


BOC Corporate Branch, Colombo 01

Account Name: Medcon Private Limited

Account Number: 0075186090

Swift Code: BCEYLKLX

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